Welcome to Front Line Consultants!

Our Story

Founded and launched in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Front Line Consultants set out to provide online training to private security and private investigative agencies. Knowing that this training was crucial to these companies to keep their staff compliant, we launched several online training options at industry-low prices.

Fast forward to the present day, and our prices have remained the same. We find that by working with our clients and not destroying their bottom line, both parties win. We can honestly say that we are not here to price gouge and make the most money. We are here to make sure our clients are able to push forward, securing our neighborhoods and communities while receiving top-notch education from instructors with a combined 60 years in the field.

By saving them money, they, in turn, are able to turn more of a profit on their contracts, thus compensating their employees more favorably. In essence, everybody wins.

We look forward to providing our training to you and your employees! To get started, take a look around and see what course(s) interest you. If you are taking the course yourself, feel free to purchase and enroll in a course now!

If you want to sign your employees up for a course, email our onboarding team at [email protected] and they will be glad to help you!